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Company overview

CTH Money is an internationally recognized company that was established to provide academic support, career support, travel support to students from diverse backgrounds home and abroad.

In addition to all options for studying and working abroad, CTH Money students also have guidance and advice for student airline tickets, international medical assistance, passport applications, consular visas, worldwide discount portfolios, among other items which has helped in placing more than hundreds of students in various locations and countries of their choice to achieve good and sound education with a professional degree.

We also help prepare them for all requirements needed for them to achieve their career goals. Our headquarters is situated in UK with other branches in Nigeria and Canada which enables us with a wide market range of expertise.

Our online presence enables us to provide support to students anytime, anywhere they are.

We partner with award-winning International schools from all corners of the world UK, Canada and so much more.

CTH Money is a trusted agency known internationally for its expertise and providing student support to the satisfaction of its clients by going the extra mile to satisfy them.

We are also a globally recognized international trade training and consulting firm suitably positioned (with practical trade brokerage experience, trade finance expertise, and relevant trade certifications) to help importers, exporters and foreign banks to secure markets round the world. We provide Export Trade Information Services (covering products, purchaser, pricing, payment and paperwork) and Export Advisory Service too.

We are the company to talk to when seeking for export markets, trading partners and corresponding banks anywhere in the world. We are qualified (both in experience and qualifications) to provide exporting solutions to the problem of purchasers, products, and paperwork in the export business while helping importers, exporters and foreign banks to grow their profitability.

CTH Money continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many services students need to get an education overseas and we are only going to serve you better.

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