Admission Guide

6 steps

Step 1: Select your study destinations

Selecting what country you wish to study is the first step to starting your study abroad process. you can apply to various destinations abroad such as Australia,
Canada, UK, and so much more. Go to the destination page on our website to know more about your chosen destinations.

Step 4: Receive your offer letter.

Once your application is accepted, your admission letter comes out within a short time. We check to make sure everything is correct and complete, and certify your documents on behalf of the universities.

Step 2: Select your study preference

Next, is to choose what course you desire to study either at a Master’s or a BSc level, or any level of education. You would be given a list of institutions at
your desired destinations.

Step 5: Visa Application

To spend the duration of the course in your desired destination, you would need to obtain your student visa. At CTH Money we offer services that help make the visa process easy and less stressful. We ensure full visa assurance once your application and documents are verified and accepted.

Step 3: Apply Now

Once you’ve decided on what country/course you want to take, the next step is to apply for study. Fill in the EOI [ Expression of Interest] form on our website to
apply and give us more information about you and other additional information such as your academic documents and other documents needed to apply.

Step 6: Arrive At Your Destination

CTH Money also offers booking services to ensure that you get the safest and cheapest flight to move to your study destinations. We offer services to ensure your arrival at your destination is safe and secure.

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