Frequently Asked Questions

Do you process immigration to different countries?

We’re a UK only focused immigration consultation company, we are proud to boast that we offer two different immigration routes to the UK and they include Studying in the UK and Working in the in the UK respectively

Do you help your clients secure jobs in the UK?

We go beyond processing your visa application, we also help you create a standard CV and help you secure good jobs based on your profession.

What happens when I’m given admission into an institution of my choice and I don’t have enough fund?

We have thought of this also, this is why we have collaborated with Microfinance banks who you can take loan from and repay based on your agreement once you’re in the UK

What happens when I can’t fund my travel?

We’re in collaboration with Microfinance banks whom you can take loans from and repay based on the agreement you sign with them

Do you offer free consultation?

Unfortunately, we do not offer such services. All our resources are being put into assisting our clients to whom we owe unrivaled services.

Why are visa applications denied?

There are lots of reasons why applications are denied/refused and the in the following:

  • False information
  • Inaccurate documents
  • Non-disclosure of previous immigration issues