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Working in the $400 billion sports industry is among the careers most appealing to today’s student. Those already in the industry know: Studying online with the CTH Money Sports Academy can advance a career in sports. Whether you need a degree, continuing education, or a course or two, CTH Money Sports Academy has a wealth of sports courses to enroll in. With rolling registration, you can begin at your convenience. That’s just one reason 95% of CTH Money graduates say they’d recommend us to friends and colleagues.

The CTH Money Sports Academy awards the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree. Especially in the master’s programs, learning in the field complements study in courses. Internships (in your local area, unless you choose otherwise) help build the professional networks that lead to satisfying employment.

We are made up of managers, teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs, coaches, healthcare providers, and researchers—and we are all about sports, at the professional, Olympic, collegiate, interscholastic, and recreational levels.

Through sports-focused instruction, support of research, and teamwork with professional groups, CTH Money continues to show how to meet sports professionals’ educational needs.

CTH Money Sports Academy’s aims to match and exceed the general awakening to the role of exercise in health and the value of individual commitment to healthy living. This has meant expanding employment opportunities for our graduates.

CTH Money Sports Academy is here and we are ready to come to you.

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