Student Recruitment


Student Recruitment

CTH Money’s partnership with various Universities and colleges all over the world qualifies us to make your recruitment process easier either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. At CTH Money, we provide information about the institution, available scholarships, prepare you for international immersion, and train you for interviews and language adoption. We also take care of your application, filling of forms, communication with the school, prompt feedback between you and the school if need be, and visa paperwork.

Our recruitment team is ever ready to take you through inquiries you have regarding destination choice, course requirements and eligibility, the application process, career pathways, visa requirements, and application. We provide advice on destinations appropriate for your career goal and budget. Considering how daunting the process of studying abroad might seem to you; we are there every step of the way from course application through your study when you finally reach your destination. Working with us helps you avoid mistakes that might prolong your admission or even disqualify you outrightly.

CTH Money – we help students assess their qualifications and make informed decisions on their educational career path with success ultimately being the goal.

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